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All You Need 7 Pcs Yoga Set

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Whether you are a beginner or are already into doing yoga for quite a while, this 7 pieces yoga set is everything you need to start practicing or achieve your higher goals in any yoga pose.

In the package:
  • Yoga Mat - made of soft memory foam to relieve you from any pain while practicing
  • Yoga Ball - a soft elastic ball which helps you improve core stability and balance
  • Yoga Towel - microfiber slip-resistant technology that allows you to have sweat-free workouts
  • Yoga Pedal Extension Rope - intended to increase versatility and strengthen muscles
  • Yoga Resistance Band - perfect increasing strength and power
  • Yoga Block -  made of foam, provides the necessary support in certain poses
  • Yoga Strap - helps you go into deeper stretches and achieve wider motion