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Yoga for Beginners - essential information for all yoga newbies |  Flow Yoga Shop™

Yoga for Beginners - essential information for all yoga newbies

Don't you feel like the hardest part is right before you even begin?

For all of you out there that are listing down reasons to skip trying or starting yoga today, let me shed some light on you - you can't do any worse, right? You haven't even tried. And, I know, I feel you. You say that you are not flexible enough, or yoga is just too slow for you, or even that you're too old, or too young, or too chubby. Come one now, you know that yoga is accessible for nearly every person in the world. It is easily adjustable to your needs and potential and it is all about feeling good about yourself - not pushing any limits but do everything at your own pace and time. So, once we've established that, I don't really think that you can give me any solid reasonable excuse to not try - believe me, you will be able to feel the benefits only after a week.

Now that we've got rid of the stereotypes, I think that there are a few basic things that you need to actually start practicing yoga. Firstly, you'll need comfortable clothes and bare feet. Maybe a pair of leggings or slip-on sweatpants that will let you move freely and reach your full current potential. Also, not to forget - the mat is the Holy Grail here. A towel can always be a solid replacement, but there is nothing better than a good non-slippery yoga mat.

The next step for you would be to get to know the basic yoga poses and learn to make yourself comfortable, not pushing your limits but extending them one practice at a time. Some of the most common poses that you'll come across in your beginner's yoga classes are Downward-Facing Dog, Child's Pose, Triangle Pose, Cobra, Tree, and Bridge Pose. Actually, there you go - your first yoga practice finished just by completing these 6 poses.

The recommendation for how often do you need to practice comes next. As every single piece of yoga screams 'individual', this too is fully adjustable on your personal time, ability, strength, willingness, motivation and preference. But (you outta know already there's always a but), the recommended frequency of practicing yoga for beginners is 3 to 4 times a week, 20-45 mins each. You will not regret it - let me say it again - you, your body and mind will definitely not regret it. You are welcome.

What also may come in handy to keep your motivation up all the time is keeping a yoga journal. Let that be your go-to place when you'd like to brag about how deep you can go into the Downward-Facing Dog after a week, or even if you didn't quite feel right in the Cobra Pose today. Believe me, it will be funny when you flip the pages back and read about your experience and your whole journey to new goals. Write about your overall thoughts and feelings that flood into your body after completing the yoga session.

This would be it, folks - the why, the how, the what and the when. I wouldn't take much of your time right this moment and leave you to complete your first ever yoga class.


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