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Why to take your yoga practice outdoors? |  Flow Yoga Shop™

Why to take your yoga practice outdoors?

Summer is a great time to get outside and enjoy your daily yoga practice in nature, especially at this COVID-19 period everybody needs some outside time.

Spending time outside of your everyday routine is known to have amazing effects on our body, physical, and mental wellbeing.

If this wasn’t enough to convince you here are 5 more reasons to take yoga outside.

  1. You can enjoy the view in the sky – literally.

    When you practice yoga your teacher often says, reach down to the earth or turn your gaze up to the sky, there is nothing better to connect with the mother earth directly, feel the grass between your fingers, enjoy the wind on your skin and see the clouds moving, this combined with yoga… just amazing.

  2. Benefits of Earthing

    Millions of years ago people spent the whole time connected with the earth, walking barefoot. Science today shows a lot of benefits if you walk barefoot on real earth, no concrete… earth.

    First, you activate more muscles on your feet, ankles, and toes when you walk barefoot than you normally do in your shoes. But let's take the reason why to do earthing to the next level. Earthing is a scientific concept of receiving the earth's electrons through your direct connection with the ground. Electrons are charged particles in the atoms and we are built from atoms.

    Earthing (also known as grounding) is the scientific concept of receiving the Earth's surface electrons through the physical connection between skin and the ground. Electrons are charged particles found in atoms—the building blocks of matter (everything is made of atoms). So when we touch the ground we release negative electrons and receive positive, so we will feel more energetic in just a moment on the ground.

    If you do that on a daily bases scientist says that there are many benefits including better sleep, hormonal levels balance, oxidation, and more.
  1. Get the real yoga in you

    Lots of the poses in yoga are inspired and named after plants and animals with reason.
    Practicing yoga outside will give you that natural feeling and will allow you to embrace the pose better.
  1. Feel the moment

    Practicing yoga in nature definitely will awake and sharpen your senses. Your eyes will refresh with natural colors and long distances views. Your ears will pick up different kinds of sounds, depends where you are in the moment but maybe there will be water, birds singing, the sound of the breeze blowing. Whit this around you will feel more alive and you will be more present in every moment.

    You immediately will feel less stressed, and when your stress is down, you can get in a deeper state of relaxation and feel the benefits of yoga more than before.

  1. Vitamin D

    You do not need a pill to get nice skin, you need 30 minutes outside on sun every day to get your vitamin D daily dose. And natural beats pill every time.

So, go outside and enjoy yoga like never before. If you already do this please share your experience in comments before.

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