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The Benefits of Practicing Yoga

We are all experiencing some physical pain every now and there due to the type of lifestyle we have. We are either sitting in a chair for 8 hours straight or have an on-foot job that requires very little rest. And the quest for utmost physical wellbeing is forever ongoing. If it’s a weekly massage at your favorite spa center or any type of physical training with your personal couch, we all try to make our bodies feel better so that they can keep on serving us in the most productive way possible so that we can reach our full potential – at work, at home, physically, mentally – in any way possible.

But have you stopped and asked yourself if you are giving your body enough time to heal, love to evolve, and appreciation for all the work done daily to achieve your goals? You don’t always have to push your body to the limits in order to achieve a complete state of Zen.

This is when the great experience of practicing yoga kicks in. All of us that have started it and are doing yoga on a regular basis, know that there is no better feeling than the one after a finished yoga class – for your body, your spirit and your mind. There are numerous benefits that practicing yoga can bring to your everyday life, and sometimes they are not as obvious as you might think. So, let’s dive in:

      1. Improves flexibility and muscle strength

This is the first change you will feel in your body even after one week of practicing yoga. You will be able to go into deeper stretches and your muscles will have more strength while doing certain poses. Even if you are not pushing hard, but just relaxing into a pose, you will find that you’re are becoming more and more flexible and that your muscle strength is improving.

      2. Supports joints and relieves/prevents back pain

The slow yoga movements will not affect your sorrow body parts – more the opposite - you will feel relieved and full of energy after completing a class. Almost all yoga poses help you build stronger joints in the most gradual way. And if you are suffering from any type of back pain, yoga is the best exercise you can do to relieve your body from stiffness and if you continue to practice it on a regular basis, it will prevent any further injuries from happening.

      3. Increases blood circulation and improves respiration

With several types of breathing cycles, yoga can significantly improve your breathing. Actually, the most important thing while being a yogi beginner is to learn how to breathe while practicing. Once you master this, you will find yourself being able to do more than you’ve imagined. With this, also comes better blood circulation – through your legs or hands, and into your head – even the basic yoga poses are intended for you to feel the rush of blood through your entire body and feel energized.

     4. Decreases stress and anxiety

As stress has become our everyday struggle, yoga is one of the best things that you can do to fight it. And not only mental stress but physical too. Yoga calms not only your mind and clears out the ‘fogginess’ of thoughts build up in there, but also stretches the muscles and relieves any stress that they’ve accumulated that day. It also helps you to cope with anxiety just but learning how to breathe slowly and control the ‘attack’ when it hits.

     5. Improves sleep quality and helps with migraines

When it comes to better sleep, it all has to do with how your body is felling that day. You can’t expect it to fully rest if you’ve gone through a stressful day and hope for the night to make it all go away. Yoga will give your body the necessary calmness and mindfulness to help you absorb all feelings your body is experiencing and improve your sleep quality just by accepting everything. With the increased flexibility and blood circulation, yoga will help you manage migraines and even decrease its frequency and intensity.

     6. Nurtures better quality of life and overall mental calmness

With all mentioned above, you can probably already guess how yoga improves the quality of life and helps you achieve better overall mental calmness. You will be able to reap the benefits of practicing yoga within the first couple of classes, as your mental well-being will get improved and your mind peaceful.

Given all pros above on how yoga can help be a better version of yourself each day, I can’t think of any reason not to unfold that yoga mat and do a short yoga class right away. If you are ready to give your body and mind what it needs, then don’t hesitate a second more – just put on your yoga leggings and start your very own yoga journey.

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