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How to choose and where to find the perfect yoga mat for you? |  Flow Yoga Shop™

How to choose and where to find the perfect yoga mat for you?

In the past, when yoga was starting to get popular, there was only one type of mat, it was with ok stickiness and you can choose between two colors. Now as yoga is millions of people's favorite practice you can choose the huge amount of mats that will suit every need at your practice.

So what is important when you are choosing your mat beyond color and pattern? As many of us know by now the yoga mat needs to be stable to keep you in one place when you are doing difficult poses, it needs to be easy caring, light, and storable but at the same time comfortable. 

Also, it will be huge plus the mat to be eco-friendly made from natural materials, so we will give you a guide for how to choose the best mat that fits you and your yoga practice.

1. The thickness of the mat

This is one of the most important things for your mat, why? The thickness of the mat has a lot with how comfortable will be your yoga practice, for example, if it is too thin your knees will get hurt but if you choose a really thick mat, you can lose the direct connection with the floor.

First, consider the size of the mat and the room where you are planning to use it. The size is important if you plan to carry the mat to your studio, in that case, you will want a regular size mat. But if you have space for your practice in your home we will recommend a bigger size mat.

2. The yoga mat material

The material is important because from that it will depend on how long it will last and how much it yields to pressure. It is really important to check the material if you are allergic to latex, avoid yoga mats made of natural rubber. If you want to be sure nothing will happen on that side, choose the fateful PVC made mat, that mat will give you no allergies and it will stick with you more than a decade. Sponginess can vary in mats but PVC will give you the most when jute and cotton will give you the least. 

3. The texture of the mat

How much traction the mat will provide, depends on the texture. For example, the stickiness of the mat will dictate how much the mat will be slippery. So if you like to avoid this problem, you should avoid PVC made mats, look for a rubber, jute, or cotton. These materials will give you a good grip no matter how much you will sweat. If you like using a PVC mat, there are special yoga mat towels that will give you the additional grip. The cork mats will surprise you how much traction can provide even they do not have the stick feel.

4. Respect your style

If you successfully got trough your choices by material, texture, and thickness this is the last thing you need to do! Choose your style. 

Pick your favorite color, pattern, or print. The design of the mat tells a lot about you and impacts your energy.

Now click here and check all these mats and find your perfect fit! Enjoy Shopping 🥰

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